About Newton County Elk

Newton County Elk
How did the elk come back to Arkansas?

Ever wonder where our elk came from, this time around?  Here’s a great summary of their reintroduction:

“The late Arkansas Game & Fish Commissioner Hilary Jones of Pruitt encouraged the establishment of elk in the county. In 1980 AGFC made a trade with the Colorado Department of Natural Resources sending largemouth bass to that state in exchange for a trailer load of elk. Over the next three years, several more loads of elk were brought into county where they thrived.
Newton County was officially proclaimed the Elk Capital of Arkansas by Governor Mike Huckabee on July 22, 1998, the first year of the annual Buffalo River Elk Festival. Descendants of the officially named Hilary Jones Elk Herd have spread along the river, but are most prominently observed grazing in the Historic Boxley Valley.”  By JEFF DEZORT Newton County Times


Boxley Valley is a beautiful drive from A Hasty Getaway and is a great place to watch for elk, especially in the mornings and evenings.

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