Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are some questions other visitors have asked.  We hope that their questions and our answers help you plan your visit to A Hasty Getaway!  The cabin should provide everything you will need for your stay.  Almost everything you’d use at home is provided so that your ‘move in’ is easy and you can start enjoying the cabin and surroundings faster.

Who should choose A Hasty Getaway?

Anyone looking for a quiet, private get-away-from-it-all place.

A couple looking for some peace and quiet and a place to reconnect.

Someone who wants to fall asleep to the sound of wind in the pines.

Anyone with an independent spirit who isn’t afraid to try something different.

A family that wants to spend quality time together.

What about Covid 19?

We have implemented even more rigorous cleaning protocols since the shutdown in April and May 2020 to protect our guests and our staff.

First, we’ve built in down days between each guest.

We’ve also added laundry sanitizer, harsher cleaners, and spray disinfectant to our routine.

You will find hand sanitizer and wipes on the front porch so that you can clean your way into the cabin. We’ve always left cleaners in the cabin for your personal use during your stay; cuz we all make messes.

So far, everyone who will be in the cabin is healthy! If that changes, we will immediately contact our county health officials and follow their advice. We will also contact everyone with an upcoming visit and our recent guests. But so far, so good!

We ask that you monitor your own health as your visit draws near. If you, or anyone in your party, has been exposed to, or is sick with, Covid, please let us know so we can reschedule your visit. Newton County has kept their Covid numbers low and we are all trying to do what we can to keep it that way!

What are your Rates and Availability?

Our rates range from $150 to $225 per night, depending on season and local activities.  Weekends, special events, and holidays will be higher, weekends and slower times will be lower.   The rate is based on two people.  An additional fee may be assessed for additional guests.  Uncle Sam and the credit card companies get their cuts as well.

Our TripAdvisor calendar allows you to check availability and rates at any time.

Click here to open our TripAdvisor page in a new window.  Enter the dates you are interested in to see our availability and rates for that time:

A Hasty Getaway on Trip Advisor

Are pets welcome?

Well-behaved pets are welcome at A Hasty Getaway.  Just like well-behaved children!

We’ve provided water/food bowls in case you forget. And doggie treats!

You will also find light-up collars that slide over your dog’s head for night-time walks.  It can get very dark out; this makes it easier to see Rover in the woods!

We even built doggie portholes into the deck!

Everyday Life

You will be in the middle of a forest, about 15 minutes from town. Life is a bit different out here; you can’t just run to the store if you forget something! The cabin tries to provide everything you might need, but please be aware and prepared!

Should I bring games?

No need; there’s a selection of classics available, including Jenga, Uno, and a Barrel of Monkeys! There are decks of cards and puzzles as well.  We’ve recently added adult coloring books and colored pencils!

What about books?

This is the perfect place to relax and read a book! There’s a lending library with a “Take one/Leave one” policy. There are also reference books available featuring several of Tim Ernst’s books about the area. These include a great guide to the area’s hiking trails and a complete guide of area waterfalls! There’s also a field guide to birds.

Some local authors are represented in the reference section and there are some good readings for introspection/meditation.

In the Kitchen

NEWTON COUNTY IS DRY! No liquor stores, no beer at the grocery! Bring your adult beverages!

We provide glasses, wine openers, etc., but you must bring your favorite libation!

What should I bring if I want to cook meals?

Food!  You will find all of the plates, glasses, silverware, and pots/pans you should need.  There’s a wide selection of mixing bowls and food storage containers.  You will also find a hand blender.  There’s a Crock-pot and a toaster; and casserole dishes, bread pans, etc.

You should also find flour, sugar, and the common spices.  There’s probably some uncommon spices as well!

Spatulas, cooking knives, measuring cups, and measuring spoons are all available.  Even a pizza wheel and pizza pan!

We strongly recommend that you bring food to prepare; there are not many restaurants nearby, although you could eat well, three meals a day, in some of our local restaurants!  But if you bring your own food, even prepared, frozen meals, you’ll have more time to enjoy your stay!


The cabin tries to keep pancake mix, syrup, and butter on hand so you can prepare pancakes during your stay!  There should be pancake mix (just add water) and syrup as well as butter in the freezer.  There should also be instant oatmeal. That and a cup of coffee (see below) should get your day started on us!

Do I have to pack my BBQ pit?

Nope, there is a charcoal grill for your use.  There should also be charcoal and lighter fluid available.  We also provide grilling tools.  And we have marshmallow sticks for toasting marshmallows over a fire!

Coffee pot?

Oh yes, we have coffee pots!  A small Keurig, a regular Mr. Coffee, and a French press are available.  There should be K-cups and ground coffee available.  There are also coffee cups to enjoy your brew.  Try sitting on the porch and enjoying your first cup; a great way to start the day!

What about plates and dishes?

We provide everything you need to enjoy your meals.  Plates, salad plates, bowls, and silverware. Even some serving pieces!


What size beds do you have?

There is a queen-sized bed in the bedroom and a queen-sized sleeper sofa.  Two twin-sized pallets are located in the sleeping loft.

 Do I need to bring sheets?

Nope, everything is provided!   The queen bed in the bedroom is made up with quality sheets, a blanket, and a comforter.  Pillows in shams and sleeping pillows are provided.  Sheets, blankets, and pillows for the sofa bed are also provided.  And the sleeping loft has flannel sheets for the twin sized sleeping pallets in the loft!

We also have throw sheets to put over the bed and furniture if you have pets!

Can I do laundry?

There is a washer and dryer available, along with laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets.  There’s also a clothes line if you’re like us and prefer air-drying!

Is there an iron?

Nope!  No iron, no ironing board.  Please reconsider bringing anything that needs to be ironed.  Or dry cleaned!  This is a casual place and a casual area; enjoy it!

That was fun to say, and oh, so true!  But yes there is an iron and a small, tabletop ironing board.  If you MUST iron, you can!

In the bath

Shower or tub?

Both!  It’s a full-sized tub with a shower.  There’s probably bubble bath under the sink, too!  And enjoy the shower head (it’s a fun surprise!).

Hair dryer?

Yes, there’s a hair dryer!

Do you supply towels?

Yes!  All of the towels you’ll need are here:  bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, beach towels (to take to the river), even dish towels!  These were recently upgraded to big, fluffy, white towels; truly decadent!


Please bring your own shampoo/conditioners if you’re picky 🙂  Small bottles of each are available if you forget.

Same with your soap, except we provide full-sized bars (who can use those tiny things?!)

There should also be small toothpastes, extra toothbrushes, and mouthwash. Other emergency supplies include nail polish remover and polish, shave cream, and razors.  Full-sized lotions, shampoo, body soap, and powder should also be available.

In a separate container, on a high shelf, you will find other items you might forget; feminine protection, random medicines, sunburn cream, etc.

There’s also a selection of bug sprays for your use in the spring and summer.

You should also find alcohol, peroxide, bandages, and other first aid items.

Once you are at the cabin, there is a folder with a write up about the cabin and area that includes emergency contact phone numbers and more of the services you may need:  hospital, vet, massage/spa, etc.!


For a secluded little cabin, a lot of modern technology is offered!

Is there a telephone available?

Yes, there is a land line telephone, just in case.  You’ll find the number on the back of the phone.

What about a Television?

Yes, there’s a color television and Dish satellite programming. Netflix is available (if you have an account!). The satellite package includes local programming, network programming, random channels, and some movie channels.

Is there a DVD player in the cabin?

The TV has a built-in DVD player on the side. You’ll find a selection of classic movies including Paint Your Wagon, Auntie Mame, and My Fair Lady. Random movies come and go!

What about the Internet?

Reliable Internet access is available through a DSL connection.  The cabin has it’s own wi-fi so you can connect your devices from anywhere nearby!


You are in the middle of pine/oak forest of the Ozark National Forest and the Buffalo National River.  You will be living with everything that lives in a forest; raccoons, opossum, birds, turkeys, deer, coyotes, owls, some bears, even elk.

There should be plenty of firewood for the firepit available; no need to bring your own!

Along with all of this come ticks in the summer time.  We try to control the area surrounding the cabin, but it can get ugly outside of our perimeter!

We strongly recommend you bring/use a pest repellent with Deet. Our personal best is Avon’s Skin So Soft, the original oily formula.  Applied in the morning, it seems to do the best at stopping ticks before they bite.

Pets should also be given extra protection while visiting, especially if they’ll run through the brush.  On top of their regular flea/tick protection, a flea/tick collar is useful.  We’ve also used Skin So Soft (Avon makes a spray container) sprayed and rubbed into the fur.  Especially on legs and paws!

Again, this is really only in the summer time and away from the cabin.

On the Deck

Another upgrade is about 300 square feet of outdoor living area in addition to the front porch.  The deck allows you to really take in the natural beauty surrounding the cabin.

A comfy lounge area includes extra-deep seating, a sofa, and pretty decorations.  All of this is covered by a beautiful pavilion that can be open-air, a screen room, or a private enclosure.  Special lighting illuminates the outdoor area at night.  There’s also plenty of deck area that’s uncovered for star gazing!